How to remove the security features of Win2003


Q: I installed Windows Server 2003 with the DELL OEM recovery disk, but I always noticed security issues when I was online. In fact, this feature is useless at all, because I have installed a firewall, how should Longge should be closed? In addition, the interface of Windows Server 2003 seems to be different from XP. Is there any Theme file that can be recovered?

A: To ensure security, Windows Server 2003 prompts security warnings for all websites by default. In fact, individual users cannot access a fixed website like a corporate user, so this feature is completely redundant for most people. In order to solve this problem, you can select the "Security" tab in the "Internet Options" dialog box in IE, and set the "Security Level for this area" scrollbar to “" can. In addition, the most thorough solution is to uninstall the IE Enhanced Security Configuration via the “Add/Remove” component of the Windows component under Control Panel. As for your second question, many users who are accustomed to the Windows XP interface may be difficult to adapt to Windows Server 2003. Fortunately, you can easily return to the imitation Windows XP interface without any interface imitation software. In the "Start”→“Run” dialog box, type “Services.msc” find and double-click the Themes service and set the startup type to “Auto”. At this point, you can already select “Windows XP> in the "topic" tab of the display properties.

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