Windows2008 running environment deployment (iis, ftp, oracle)


Deployment target: Install IIS7.0, FTP, Remote Desktop Connection, Oracle installation, etc.

Deploy operating system environment: windows2008

1Install IIS, ftp


2Setting the firewall:

The firewall allows the Ftp protocol port 21,20< Br>

http protocol port80


3 FTP, client IE browser settings

By default, when client FTP access occurs, Access error, the specific settings are as follows:

1). Open the IE menu "Tools"->"Internet Options";

2). Click “Advanced&rdquo ; tag card;

3). Under the "Browse" node, use the passive FTP (for firewall and DSL modem compatibility) & rdquo; remove the front hook.

4 Windows2008 system setup account password

Password rule number + letter + symbol

5Oracle installation

Installing oracle 10 under windows2008 error resolution method There are two:

1) Install oracle11

2) Set setup.exe to compatibility mode in oracle10 installation file

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