Shutdown does not have to worry. Accelerate Win2003 shutdown operation

Windows 2003 is the current version of the highest Windows operating system, although its function is stronger than any version in history, but its shutdown operation has brought you some small troubles. In fact, we can completely lift these troubles and speed up the shutdown.

First, turn off the shutdown event tracking program
Run “Gpedit.msc”Open the Group Policy window, then find "Administrative Templates → System" in the left side "Computer Configuration" Double click on the right side of the "Show off event tracking program", set it to "disabled", after the operation steps introduced by the Star (, that annoying The shutdown event tracking program window will no longer appear, so you can directly perform the shutdown operation.

Second, turn off the shutdown audit
Although you can directly perform the shutdown operation, but the system will do a lot of checks before shutting down, so we can set it up, let it skip some unnecessary detection.

Right-click on the blank space of the desktop, open the Display Properties window, switch to the "Screen Saver" tab, click the "Advanced" button at the "Power" section, and then at the "Advanced" button. ” The label will be set to “ when the computer power button is pressed, <; Shutdown”

After two simple settings, you will find that the shutdown speed of 2003 is much faster.

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