Remotely modify the Win2003 system machine name


In the same network segment, the machine name of each machine must be unique, and no duplication is allowed. If the machine name conflicts, it will affect the normal operation of the user. Conflicted machines will not work properly, and other users will not be able to access the shared resources of these machines. In addition, machine name conflicts will cause inconvenience to the management of the network management. To solve this problem, you need to modify the duplicate machine name. The method of modifying the local machine name must be familiar to everyone. However, have you tried to modify the machine name remotely? It is not easy to implement this operation in Windows versions of Windows Server 2003 (Windows 2003). It requires terminal server support. The Web access interface provided by Windows 2003 effectively simplifies this process, making it easy for you to remotely modify the Windows 2003 machine name. In this way, you don't have to go to the machine to be modified as before. Tip: There is no limit to the system used by the remote client. As long as the user can access the Internet and can run the IE browser. The machine to be remotely modified by the machine name must use the Windows 2003 system. In the remote client, open IE browser and enter “https://Windows 2003 server IP address: 8098” in the address bar, such as <;”, where “ ” is the IP address of the Windows 2003 server, & ldquo; 8098 & rdquo; port number used for remote maintenance (we should pay attention to access to the Windows 2003 server using the "https" agreement, not commonly used "http" agreement. In the login dialog box that pops up, enter the administrator username and password, and click the “OK" button to log in to the web access interface management interface. Next, in the “Welcome” window, click “Set the server name” to enter the “Server ID” page, then enter the new machine name in the “Server Name” column and click &ldquo ; OK & rdquo; button, restart the Windows 2003 server, you can make the settings just take effect. Tip: For security reasons, Windows 2003 does not provide a web access interface by default. It must be set manually. On the Windows 2003 server side, click “Start →Settings →Control Panel",Run“Add or Remove Programs>, in the pop-up window, switch to the "Add/Remove Windows Components" page. In the "Windows Components Wizard" dialog box, go to the "Application Server & Rarr; Internet Information Services (IIS) & Rarr; World Wide Web Service" option, select the "Remote Management (HTML) & rdquo; component, and finally click “ Confirm the & rdquo; button.

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