10 practical Windows 7 shortcuts


Keyboard shortcuts are a must-have for improving PC productivity. Here are 10 recommended shortcuts for everyone:

1. Windows
Keys+ L

If you need to temporarily leave the computer
, then use this Shortcuts quickly lock your PC.

2. Shift + Delete

You can drag files to the recycle bin, or you can select the file and press the Delete key. Shift + Delete deletes the file to bypass the recycle bin. The disadvantage is that you cannot reply to the deleted file from the recycle bin.

3. Alt + F6

If a program has multiple windows, the Alt + F6 shortcuts can help you quickly switch between these windows.

4. Shift + CTRL + N

Windows 7 simplifies how new folders are created. Now you can quickly create a new folder with the Shift + Ctrl + N shortcuts.

5. Windows + M

The desktop displays too many windows, then use Windows + M to quickly minimize the window to the taskbar. If you want to reply to these windows, you can use the Windows + Shift + M shortcuts.

6. Windows + Spacebar

If you just want to take a quick look at the desktop, the Windows + M shortcut seems to be redundant. Press Windows + Spacebar and all windows will be transparent so you can see the desktop.

7. Windows + Shift + ←/→

If you use two monitors at the same time, you may need to move one window to another. Windows + Shift + → shortcuts move the current window from left to right.

8. Windows + 1, 2, 3, etc.

Windows 7 introduces a new feature that allows users to pin applications to the taskbar for quick launch. With the Windows + 1 shortcut, users can quickly launch the first fixed program, Windows + 2 starts the second, Windows + 3 is the third, and other startups and so on.

9. Windows + T

Windows + numeric keys can quickly launch the taskbar program, but if your program is already open, there is a way to quickly browse through these programs. Press Windows + T, you can display the first task bar program that was opened, and press it again to display the second program. When scrolling, the user can only see the program

10. Windows + (+/-)

Need to view the window text up close? Click on the Windows and + keys and you will be able to zoom in on the display area. Move the mouse and you can select the area you want to zoom in on. Windows and – keys can restore the original situation

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