Cleverly put Win10 "homepage" into "this computer" Raiders


In the Win10 system, click the "File Explorer" icon in the taskbar and the default is "Home" & rdquo; Many users are not used to, more accustomed to open "this computer
", for this Microsoft Chief has previously shared with you to achieve the click "file resource manager" open "ld"; this < u>Computer
” method. In fact, there is a more subtle way to directly change the "home page" into "<; this computer
” Let’s take a look at the Microsoft Chief’s modified “Homepage”:

Oh, many friends don’t see the “Homepage” on the title bar of the window. I am afraid that it is regarded as "this computer" window? So how does the Microsoft Chieftain make the Win10 Homepage" so much like this "this computer" Let's take a look at the list of "Fixed" that pops up after right-clicking on the Microsoft Chief's Windows
10 taskbar&File; Figure:

How? See what? The taskbar & ldquo; File Explorer's "Fixed" project is the local disk, DVD drive and folder in this computer & rdquo;. Therefore, Windows 10's "Home Page" window has a feature that is able to display the taskbar "File Explorer" & ldquo; "fixed" project.

So, knowing this feature of the "Homepage", we only need to first unpin the taskbar "File Explorer" before the "fixed" item, and then put “This computer”the local disk, DVD drive and folder in the window are dragged to the "File Explorer" icon on the taskbar. As shown in the figure:

Then open the “Homepage” window, right click in the blank space, and modify the grouping by ” to “category”. As shown in the figure:

Then you will find that the “Homepage” window has made a gorgeous transformation, which became the beginning of this article. The Microsoft Chieftain’s display is similar to “this computer”. The appearance of it.

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