Win7 system open DEF disk pop-up windows resource manager is restarting the cause and solution

A user opens in win7 Ultimate system disk or software DEF always frequent pop-up & ldquo; windows explorer is restarting & rdquo; shown in the window, specific questions phenomenon as follows:

fault: system resources are occupied too More
Cause analysis:
The excessive use of resources is mainly due to the system opening more programs.
It is recommended that the user view the computer's memory, CPU and physical memory usage in the task manager, so that the CPU and physical memory usage is too high, check the running high program, and close it.

Failure II: low
reason computer configuration analysis:
If the computer configuration is low, then the system will not run more programs at the same time, if the program is also open more It is prone to problems such as insufficient resources.
If you have a condition, you can purchase a new upgrade and try not to use a program that consumes a lot of resources.

Failure three: viral infection
If the system is infected with a virus, then the system operation will be affected, but also the emergence of various errors.
At this time, you need to use anti-virus software to detect and kill the system.

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add method is more open to win7 system DEF disk failure causes and solutions pop up windows explorer is restarting all The introduction of the content, we have to find a solution based on the cause of the error, so that the problem can be easily solved.
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