How to set up Korean input method for win10 system?


Today's introduction is how to set the input method on the computer, such as Korean, Spanish, German, etc. The process is as follows, Komori uses the upgraded version of window10, let's take a look.


Windows10 desktop, as shown below, personally think that the page is intelligent, concise and clear, and there is no explanation about the operation.

In the lower right corner of the desktop, click to select “ the input method display area next to the time bar.

After opening, the page shows the input method being used: Sogou, Baidu, and the Microsoft input method that comes with the system. Click to open “set the language preference of the icon”.

The page is as shown in the figure, click & rdquo; add language “, other options do not need to be modified, according to the default settings.

A variety of languages ​​can be selected, such as the title, find “Korean—— click to select —— system prompts to install —— Can be used, can be seen in the input method icon (Korean and Korean text is basically the same, can be used universally)

North Korean input method on the keyboard The corresponding position can refer to the picture.

The above is how to set up the Korean input method for the win10 system. The operation is very simple. Have you learned it? I hope this article can help you!

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