How to view hidden files in Win10 system? Win10 view hidden file method


How does the Win10 system view hidden files? At present, many users upgrade from win7 to win10. After the upgrade, the interface and operation buttons are obviously changed. When we change the system settings, it becomes very unsatisfactory. For example, Xiaobian found that in win7 upgrade to win10, many users can not find the button switch to display hidden files. The following small series will bring you Win10 to view hidden files, let's take a look!

1, open "computer", click to view, open the view options

2, click on the right side of the window, "Options" <;

3. On the "Folder Options" page, click on the "View" tab;

4 in the tab, in the box below the advanced settings, find "show hidden File, folder and drive " and click, then click OK.

Everyone has their own privacy, we can hide it, but because of the system upgrade, I can't find it. This kind of thing is really tangled.

The above is how the Win10 system brought to you by this small series can see the entire contents of the hidden files, I hope to help everyone.

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