The latest win10 technology preview version of the hidden features first exposure: 4K screen has saved


I believe many of my friends have experienced the performance of Windows 7 in 4K resolution, can only use a "xiang" to describe, Microsoft simply did not Be prepared to adapt Windows 7 to ultra-high resolution.

This situation has improved on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, but the user experience is still not very good. There is still a certain distance compared with Apple's OS X. Then the latter does not do much. it is good.

Now, the good news is coming. In the latest Windows 10 technology preview, foreign media found system icons up to 768× 768 resolution, which means that Windows 10 will provide better visual support for high DPI and high resolution display devices.

Be aware that the maximum resolution of icons on Windows 8.1 is only 256× 256 only, the resolution of Windows 10 is up to 9 times higher, and the resolution of 4K should be more than enough.

Of course, not all icons currently have such a high resolution. Some icons are still 256× 256, but 768× 768 resolution placeholders have appeared in the file, but No material has been added yet.

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