The most complete Win XP system to retrieve password skills


Windows XP security has been greatly improved, it allows different users to have their own desktop and settings to protect user privacy. However, what should I do if the employee leaves the company without a public password or if the user forgets their password? Here are a few ways for your reference. Smart password reset disk
The password reset disk can restore user accounts and personalized computer settings when the user forgets the password. The password reset disk is a password backup disk that is created when the user does not forget the login password. It can be created according to whether the computer is in the domain. Here we only give a simple introduction to the computer that is not logged into the domain. Create password reset disk
Click “Start →“Control Panel →“User Account →Click on your account →“Block a forgotten password → Follow “ Forgot the password wizard step by step until it is complete. If your computer does not have a floppy drive, you will be prompted to insert a blank, formatted disk in drive C:, leave it blank, click “ next, follow the on-screen prompts, and finally The root directory of the C drive will generate a key file of 1.5 KB in size and named userkey.psw, and cut it to a secure removable storage medium for backup. Using a password reset disk
When you log in to Windows XP and forget your password, the password reset disk comes in handy. Its use is very simple: insert the password reset disk into the floppy drive, click the right arrow next to your account, then click in the prompt box “ use the password to reset the disk, follow the "password reset wizard prompt" Resetting the password If your computer does not have a floppy drive, the situation is a bit more complicated. Start the computer with any way to recognize your C drive and removable storage media. Copy userkey.psw to the root directory of drive C to reset the password according to the above method. Although your password has been changed, the password reset disk is valid for this username and does not have to be recreated. Change password with administrator privileges
If the password prompt does not help you remember the password and you have not created a password reset disk, it is necessary to have a computer administrator account to create a new password for you. For security reasons, when the password is forgotten and the computer administrator cannot recover the password, he can only recreate a password for you. This method should be naturally thought of by the user. Unfortunately, in many cases we only have one computer administrator account on one computer, and the password for this account is what we have forgotten, then the problem is complicated. However, there are always more ways than problems. We know that in the process of installing Windows XP, the system first logs in by default, and then asks to create a new user, so that when you enter Windows XP, you can log in with this new account, but not in the future login interface. I will see the "administrator" account with computer administrator status appearing. But in fact the account is there and the password is empty. Knowing the above principles, then the next thing is much simpler, we discuss it in two situations. Resume password at the command prompt
1. Restart the computer, press F8 after the startup screen appears, select “ with the command line security mode. 2. In the login screen that appears, you will see the user name of “administrator” and other local users. Click ““administrator” to enter the command line mode. 3. Use the net command to force a password change for the username that has forgotten the password. 4. Restart the computer. In normal mode, you can log in to the system with the username "command" and "netadmin". Log in to the system in the normal login interface
In the normal login screen, you will not see the user "administrator". At this time, hold down the Ctrl+Alt key, then press the Del key twice, then A classic login screen appears. Enter “administrator at the username, the password is blank. After logging in to the system, go to the control panel and reset the password for the user who forgot the password. Recovering account passwords with software
There are many softwares for cracking Windows XP login passwords. Only LC5 and Active@ Password Changer are introduced here.

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