Microsoft continues to improve WP7 from the user's point of view


Currently, Microsoft is improving the Windows Phone 7 platform so that applications can continue to run steadily after the phone screen is closed. Until now, Windows Phone 7 will lock the phone after it has been confirmed by the user. Microsoft announced a new solution on Friday, the system will automatically lock the phone, no need for user confirmation, which can improve the battery life, mobile phone life of more than 6 hours while playing music, without playing music The battery life can reach 120 hours. For Windows Phone 7 phones that have been sold in Europe and Asia, improvements will be made as soon as possible through upgrades, and for Windows Phone 7 phones that will be available in the US, this improvement will be completed by November 8. Microsoft's adjustment to the Windows Phone 7 strategy this time mainly comes from two pressures: audio and video and applications. The downloading of applications and programs based on Windows Phone 7, the sending and receiving of E-Mail, and the background running of applications such as Zune playback and downloading are very reasonable and necessary. At the Microsoft Developers Conference, Charlie Kindel said in an interview: "This is our adoption of user opinions, and it will be a good experience for us. ” Some developers expressed dissatisfaction with Microsoft's limited back-end operation of very few applications and strict restrictions on third-party software. The music playback background is just one of them, similar to the direct control of the camera. In this regard, Microsoft has not made any comments. Pocket Internet believes that as long as it is a good opinion, Microsoft will carefully consider and give everyone a reasonable reply.

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