Better start menu! Win9 Start Menu Demo Video

        Perhaps it is the release of the Windows 9 technology preview, and the news about Windows 9 is also increasing. WinFuture, a German Windows enthusiast website, recently exposed a large number of screenshots of Windows 9 Build 9834. We also gave you a summary of the latest rumors of Windows 9. Here, I want to share with you the demo video of the Windows 9 Start Menu.
Windows 9 technology preview version will be released at the end of September
A large number of screenshots of Windows 9 Build 9834 exposed from WinFuture are not difficult to find, Windows 9 changes quite a lot, the most noticeable is the return of the start menu. As you can see from the screenshot, the start menu adapts to the overall design style of the Windows 9 Modern UI interface, using the Modern UI design and introducing the dynamic tile design.
Screenshot of Windows 9 Start Menu
Screenshot of Windows 9 Start Menu
In addition to exposing Windows 9 screenshots, WinFuture also brings a demo video of Windows 9 Start Menu, starting menu and start screen in video. Complement each other, but it is not certain that Microsoft will remove the feature from RTM. Microsoft did not respond positively to screenshots and videos of Windows 9 exposed by WinFuture.
Video: Demo of Windows 9 Start Menu

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