How to solve the password for Mac Book?


In order to ensure the security of your computer, I believe that many users will set the power-on password for their own computers, but what should I do if I forget the power-on password? If you reinstall the system or reset the computer to the factory settings, it will cause the original data loss of the computer, which is obviously too much trouble. In fact, there is a simpler method. The following is a brief introduction to the Mac Book's solution to forget the power-on password.

Operation steps:

1. First restart the computer and immediately press the command+S key combination.

2, after the command character will pop up, enter fsck -y and press Enter.

3, after the above command execution completion input mount -uaw /Enter.

4, and enter the transport rm /var/db/.AppleSetupDone.

5, then enter the transport restart the computer reboot.

6, the computer will restart when just bought with the same configuration interface into the environment, do not worry, this is a new account, the original account information will not disappear.

7, prompted to enter the system after the completion of the configuration, click & ldquo; System Preferences & rdquo ;.

8, provided in the click & ldquo; user group & rdquo ;.

9, and the user interface will be able to see the new group and the original account, click the lock icon in the lower left corner to unlock.

10, the input current new account name and password in the window, click on the & ldquo; unlocked & rdquo ;.

11, before then select the forgot password account, click & ldquo; & rdquo ;. reset your password

12, then enter the new password and click & ldquo; Change Password & rdquo; on it.

Above is Mac Book Xiaobian to introduce the solution to forget the boot password. If you encounter a Mac Book forgetting the power-on password, follow the steps above.

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