Use F11 to recover crash system


If the computer is permanent, it will naturally be a problem. If your computer crashes and you need to reinstall the system, is there any other way?

For computer users, the most troublesome problem There is no way to reinstall the system after a system crash. Although there are various system recovery tools, such as the system recovery disk that comes with the brand machine, there is a disadvantage that the boot disk needs to be started. Blue Giant IBM's F11 function is quite good, no need to boot disk. System crashes automatically when F11 is pressed. Unfortunately, it is a bit unrealistic for me to wait for the poor to buy IBM. Is there any way we can do it?

IBM F11 one-click recovery principle:

IBM F11 system recovery works, he has 2 primary partitions on one hard disk, and the backup recovery partition is hidden by default. When the system crashes and press F11 to recover, the hidden backup recovery partition is automatically set to the visible active partition, and the system is restored after starting the computer. However, this system has a flaw that can only be enjoyed by IBM users first, and secondly, the recovery speed is slow.

Next, the author will use IBM's system recovery tool to create a F11 one-key recovery system process for everyone. If there are any deficiencies, please criticize me.

Preparation phase:

Requires tool software: d2dfdzip.exe (IBM's F11 system recovery tool, available for download from IBM's official website)

PowerQuest PartitionMagic 8.0

GHOST 7.0 (8.0)

First, use GHOST software to do a system image file

I will not say more here, because this file is used for future system recovery, so I recommend It is best to reinstall the operating system, install the necessary application software, and re-install it every time after recovery.

Second, create a partition:

Run PQ8.0 under WINDOWS, create a partition.

1. Adjust the size of the primary partition C in the PQ, and then vacate 2G space for backup partitions.

2. Right-click on the remaining space of the primary partition-create-pop-create partition menu, select Create as primary partition format as FAT32, and volume label as IBM_SERVICE.

3. Then click the application, after the system restarts, the volume is marked as IBM_SERVER, and the FAT32 backup partition of size 2G is created. But after booting, we found that our I disk did not appear, why? Because there are now two primary partitions on the hard disk, the newly created partition is hidden. We then enter PQ, right click on the newly created partition - advanced - visual partition.

After rebooting, we can see our newly created backup partition.

Note: The newly created backup partition must be behind the primary partition C. If it is built in front of the primary partition or built on the extended partition, the F11 function will not be used. The sub-area format must be FAT32, otherwise the GHOST software under DOS will not work properly. The volume label must be IBM_SERVICE, otherwise IBM's F11 recovery software will not work.

Third, the backup partition settings

1. Make the backup partition has a boot function. Because when the system crashes, you need to use the backup partition to start the computer, so you must have the basic startup file of DOS in the root of the backup partition. You can make a boot disk under 98 system, or use the second method. Now the D version of the CD has a boot function. Use the CD to boot the computer. The default default drive letter is A:, copy all the files in the A drive to the hard disk. On the backup partition. (DOS three basic startup files COMMAND.COM MS-DOS.SYS IO.SYS)

2. Copy the GHOST software and the first step to make the GHOST image file to the backup partition root directory.

3.Create a Config.sys file with Notepad

Device = c:himen.sys

Save as config.sys

4. Create Auto Batch file AUTOEXEC.BAT

Ghost.exe -clone,mode=pload,src=c:winxp.gh1,dst=1:1 -sure –rb

Note: Please do not Modify the path of the image file here: C:winxp.gho, the author changed the path to I at the first time, and the result could not be executed. The reason is that when the backup partition is activated, the original system partition is hidden, and the backup partition becomes the C drive.

Dst=1:1 is the first partition to restore files to the first hard drive.

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