How to restore the u disk capacity?


u disk is an indispensable tool in our office life. Recently, some users have found that their u disk available space has become smaller. What is going on? So how do you restore the u disk capacity? I believe many users are still not clear, the following small series for everyone to introduce the solution to restore the size of the u disk.

Operation steps:

1. Go to the official website to download the u disk boot disk creation tool and install the tool.

2, insert the u disk of the reduced space into the usb interface, double-click to open the u disk boot disk creation tool, u boot installed version or u start uefi version. Figure:

3, open the u disk boot disk creation tools that will automatically recognize u disk, click on the bottom & ldquo in default mode; the return of space & rdquo; option as:

4, a warning message window, click OK after confirmation, as shown:

5, u is followed by disk space reduction process, as shown:

6. Finally, the initial initialization will pop up a prompt window, click the OK button to close the u disk boot disk creation tool. Figure:

7, we check to see if your computer u disk space, find space has been restored to its original size.

These are the small series solution u recovery disk capacity size introduce, users do not know how to restore the u disk capacity size, might try the above steps try and see.

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