How to solve the problem of compressed files in u disk?


In the process of using the u disk, it will inevitably encounter some problems, such as how to solve the compressed file in the u disk, how is this going? There are many reasons for this, so how to solve this problem? The following small series for everyone to introduce the u disk prompts into a compressed file solution.


1, there may be a virus interference, it is recommended to open the u disk antivirus software for comprehensive virus killing.

2, u disk system is unstable, you can reformat the u disk, the premise should do a good job of file backup.

3, u disk there is a folder compression, can lead u disk appear as a compressed file, try to delete it out of it.

The above is the solution for the u disk to introduce the compressed file for everyone. If you encounter the above situation, you can try the above method to try it.

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