How to solve the problem that the printer is accidentally deleted when the Foxit PDF reader prints?


It is inevitable that Foxit PDF reader will encounter some problems when it is used. For example, when printing, it always displays “Printer was accidentally deleted”, what is going on? How can I solve the problem that the printer is accidentally deleted when the Foxit Reader prints a PDF file? I believe that many users are still not clear, the following small series for everyone to introduce the Foxit PDF reader when printing, "Printer was accidentally deleted" solution.


1. Go to the Control Panel: Click on the “Start” menu on the desktop, then click on “Control Panel” (Win8/10 right-click menu to open the control) panel).

2, the control panel window, selecting the & ldquo; View devices and printers & rdquo; option, as shown in FIG.

3, click on the window above the & ldquo; Add Printer & rdquo ;.

4, the printer installation Type: Select & ldquo; I desired printer is not listed & rdquo; & rarr; & ldquo; add a local or network printer set manually (O) & rdquo ;.

5, select & ldquo; the use of existing port & rdquo; radio button, then select & ldquo in the drop-down list; FOXIT_Reader :( local port) & rdquo; option, then click the & ldquo; Next step & rdquo;.

6, enter the printer name: Foxit Reader PDF Printer Driver, and then click on the & ldquo; Next & rdquo ;.

7, click & ldquo; complete & rdquo; button to complete the addition.

8, back to view the printer interface, the printer device newly added right-click & ldquo; & rdquo ;, the printer properties shown in Fig.

9, select Properties window & ldquo; Superior & rdquo; tab, then select & ldquo in the driver drop-down list; Foxit Reader PDF Printer Driver & rdquo ;, then click & ldquo; OK & rdquo; to .

10, so far, all add PDF printer operation is complete, print a test page to test the effect.

is displayed above Xiaobian to introduce Foxit PDF reader when printing & ldquo; printer is accidentally deleted & rdquo; solution, if you encounter the same problem can not be resolved in accordance with the above Steps to operate.

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