u disk file can not be copied how to solve?


What should I do if the u disk file cannot be copied? I believe that many users have encountered this situation in the process of using U disk. There are many reasons for this situation. In addition to the problem that the parameter may be incorrect, it may be caused by insufficient disk space. Wait, how to solve this problem? The following small series for everyone to introduce the u disk file can not be copied reason analysis and solution.

One reason: the removable disk infected with the virus, many popular U disk virus, once infected with the virus U disk, removable disk may lead to the partition table information is abnormal, and can not be built through the system Program Repair

Solution: First use Kingsoft Internet Security or 360 Security Guard for disk scanning and antivirus. If the removable disk is still accessible and can see the file, copy all the files in the removable disk. Back up to the hard drive to the middle, then open “My Computer”——" Right click on the removable disk ——" Click “Format ”——"Select “Quick Format” After formatting the disk, copy the backed up file back to the removable disk. Finally, check whether the problem that the parameter cannot be copied incorrectly, and the U disk cannot copy the file has been resolved.

Reason 2: The partition table information of the removable disk is damaged. If the U disk or Trojan virus infection is directly removed without safely deleting the hardware, the disk partition table information may be damaged.


Step 1: Open “My Computer”——" Right click on the removable disk and select “Properties>;

Step: In the pop-up window, select “Tools"tab——" "check" "check "start check”——" pop-up "Check Disk" window will "Automatically fix file system errors (A)" and "Scan and try to recover bad sectors (N)"; these two fronts are marked with ——" Click “Start(S)”Check and fix ;

Step 3: After checking that the repair is complete, click on “Start <;Start Sorting&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& Click “ Analysis & rdq first Uo;——" Wait until "Analysis" is finished, then click "Defragment" <;

Step 4: After restarting the computer, check whether the removable disk can copy files; Br>

Reason three: The front USB power supply is insufficient. Some compatible desktop computers may have poor power supply quality, which may result in insufficient power supply to the front USB or serious interference in the texture. “The parameters cannot be copied incorrectly” Time.

Solution: Try changing the USB flash drive or other removable disk to the USB port on the back of the chassis.

Reason four: There is not enough space on the removable disk.

For example, if you need to copy a 50M file to a USB flash drive, then the removable disk requires a minimum of 100M of storage space, because the nominal capacity of most USB flash drives or removable disks is different from the actual capacity. 2G U disk, the actual storage space is only 1.8G or less; typical symptoms are small files can be copied and pasted, but once the file is too large, such as more than 200M files can not be copied

The reason why the u disk file introduced by everyone can not be copied is analyzed and solved. If the user is unable to solve the same problem, follow the steps above.

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