How to cancel the sharing function of Baidu network disk?


Baidu network disk can store your photos, documents, music, videos and other resources, you can share resources to your friends, of course you can cancel your sharing, then how to cancel the sharing function? I believe many users are still not clear, the following small series for everyone to explain the solution to cancel the sharing function.

The specific operation is as follows:

1. First login to Baidu Cloud Web Edition, there is a share on the far left, click on it to see our sharing, including how much privacy How much to share publicly.

2, then right-I did not want to share the file, select Cancel Share.

3, determined to cancel the share.

4, see the word cancel success outside the chain, the page automatically refresh, file sharing was canceled.

5, you can also go to their home to share up to see their share, only to see the share publicly.

The above is the solution for the unshared function introduced by Xiaobian. If you don't know how to cancel the sharing function, try the above steps.

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