How can I solve the problem that the computer device manager can't open?


Recently, many users are unable to open the computer device manager, so what is going on? How can we solve this situation? In fact, we can solve this problem by one-click repair by Baidu computer experts or using the Group Policy Editor to set a way to prohibit access to the task manager. Below, Xiaobian introduces you to the specific solution that the device manager can't open.

Solution Manager can't open the solution

Method 1 [Baidu computer expert] One-click repair

1. It is recommended to download and install [Baidu computer expert], official website : Open [Baidu Computer Expert], enter "<;Device Manager can't open" in the search box, select the first item in the search result [immediate repair], and verify whether the normal opening is completed after the repair is completed:

method 2 start service

1, using a shortcut key & ldquo; Win + R & rdquo; pop [run], input & ldquo; services.msc & rdquo ;, click OK:

2, on the right to find [Plug and Play], right click select [properties]:

3, select startup type [Auto], if the service does not start, click [start] to, after saving restart the computer:

These are the solutions Xiaobian to introduce the device Manager not open. Did you feel that the above content is relatively simple! There are many solutions to the device manager that can't be opened. It depends on which method you choose to solve it!

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