How to solve the problem of computer boot prompt 0xc000000f?


Recently, many users have reported that the 0xc000000f error code always appears every time the computer is turned on, and it cannot be turned on. What is going on? In fact, this is caused by the corruption of the bcd startup file, which causes it to fail to start properly. So how to solve this problem? The following small series for everyone to introduce the computer boot prompt 0xc000000f solution.

The general occurrence of 0xc000000f is due to the corruption of the bcd startup file, which prevents it from starting properly. Of course, there are other reasons, such as hardware or software changes, which lead to this problem, then how do we solve this problem?

1, if there are windows CD, you can use it to start repairing the computer from the CD.

2, if there is a U disk boot disk around, we can directly use the boot disk to solve this problem. The specific method is to use the U disk boot disk tool to rebuild the master boot record MBR, which can solve this problem perfectly.

The above is the solution for the computer boot prompt 0xc000000f introduced by Xiaobian. If you encounter the same problem, you can follow the above steps. After the operation is completed, the error code will no longer be displayed.

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