What are the reasons for the loss of u disk data?


I believe that many users have encountered u disk data in the process of using the u disk, for no reason to lose it? The data is lost but it is difficult to retrieve the original data. This is a very troublesome thing. There are many reasons for this. The following is a brief introduction to the reason why the u disk data is lost.

u disk results in data loss reasons the following situations:

1, u disk being accessed on the way, the pull force u disk;

2 , u disk appears a bad sector, just the missing file is in the existence of this bad sector;

3, the file was accidentally deleted or u disk formatted, the file inside the u disk is deleted Difficult to recover back;

4, u disk chip performance problems, chip memory failure;

5, u disk interface problems, interface power supply voltage is insufficient, resulting in write data errors, Resulting in data loss;

6, the virus in the u disk, resulting in data loss.

The above is the reason why Xiaobian introduced the u disk data loss for everyone. To avoid the u disk data not to be lost for no reason, you can only start from the usual.

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