How to solve the problem of no bootable device when the computer is turned on?


In the process of using the computer, it is inevitable that some problems will be encountered. For example, a user recently noticed that the No bootable device suddenly appeared when the computer was turned on. What is going on? In fact, this is mainly caused by the loss of disk boot partition information. How to solve this problem? The following small series for everyone to introduce the solution to the computer boot no bootable device.

Restart the computer will not start prompt treatment methods No bootable device of

1, the first restart, press F2 to enter the BIOS system immediately at the first picture, a preliminary inspection;

2, see boot option, usually from the hard disk is the beginning of HDD, HDD arrow keys to select, press the F6 key to the HDD on the first place, F10 save and reboot;

3, restart discovery Failure, indicating that there may be a problem with the partition. Use a computer that can be used normally to make a USB flash drive into a booting tool;

4. Insert the USB flash drive into a bad computer and reboot. No bootable device error when entering the page again, press any key Press any key to continue, will jump to Professor U winpe interface, select winpe into the system;

5, open the DG tools diskgenius, you can see The case of your own computer drive letter. At that time only a few small series of letter size 70m garbled, and some also called the letter is not formatted;

6, this time we should use this tool to rebuild the partition table. Right-click on the first HDD drive letter at the beginning of the left column and select - Rebuild Partition Table. Reconstruction midway likely tell you to click ignore or reserved, if you see the original letter is the right size, it is by reservation, if not the correct drive letter is ignored;

7, after completion, Right-click on the left column of the beginning of the first letter of HDO, select - rebuild the master boot record;

8, the final restart, I remember before restarting the USB HDD hard disk to start back ah. There may be two systems for you to choose from, and two of them can successfully enter Windows.

The above is the solution for the no bootable device when the computer is introduced to you. If you encounter the above situation, you can follow the above steps. After the operation is completed, it will not be used again. An error has occurred.

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