What should I do if the computer reboots and select?


The problem of reboot and select prorer boot device of insert boot media in selectea boot device and press a key appears when the computer boots up. What is going on? In fact, this is because the computer does not recognize the hard disk caused by the problem, how to solve this problem? The following small series for everyone to introduce the solution to restart and select the computer boot.

reboot and select the computer booting display Solution

PC boot display this means is: Restart and select the appropriate boot device or inserted in the selected boot device Start the media and press any key. That is, the computer did not find the boot hard disk. There are several possibilities for causing such problems. The corresponding solutions are as follows:

1. The hard disk data cable and power cable are loose, oxidized or broken.

Solution: Try to re-plug the hard disk data. Wire and power cord, or replace the power connector, data cable interface.

2, the motherboard is closed sata interface, and the computer is using sata hard drive, so that the computer can not find the hard disk

Solution: boot press DEL key to enter the BIOS, in the BIOS The sata interface is open.

3, in the BIOS "standard cmos feaures"; the hard disk is set to no.

Solution: Enter the BIOS and set this option to auto.

4, the hard disk and other IDE devices share the data line, and have set the jumper to "master" or "slave";

Solution: change one of the ide jumpers Yes, or both are set to cs.

5, the hard disk does not set the active partition

Solution: Manually or by software, set a partition of the hard disk as the active partition.

6, long time in a humid environment without using the computer, causing the components on the hard disk to get wet

Solution: Disconnect the power supply, use a hair dryer to evenly heat and dehumidify the hard disk.

7, too many ide devices on the computer caused its initialization time to increase, but the corresponding self-test time did not increase, causing the system can not detect the hard disk or detect super

Solution: in bios Find the “boot delay time” option or “ide delay time” to extend the time. If this option is not available in the BIOS, you can also set the number of memory self-tests to 3 times to extend the self-test time.

8, after long-term use of the hard disk, the oxidation of the gold finger on the back of the circuit board leads to poor contact

Solution: remove the circuit board, clear the oxide on the gold finger, it is recommended to find a special The maintenance staff cleaned up.

9, hard disk physical bad sectors

Solution: If the above methods can not solve the problem, then the hard disk itself may be really bad, it is best to send the factory to repair.

The above is the solution for reboot and select when the computer is introduced to you. If you encounter this situation, you can follow the above steps. After the operation is completed, it will not be An error has occurred.

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