Windows 2003 as a transit VPN server multi-route sharing Internet access method

"Configure VPN + NAT shared Internet access on Win2003" has introduced how to use Windows 2003 to share Internet access. In the current situation, I also want to apply to twitter, youtube, etc., so I connect to a US server via OpenVPN on this win 2003. The method of setting up the OpenVPN server is not mentioned, you can refer to it here. The idea of ​​this article and chnroot are the opposite. The default is to go local, and the blocked ones go vpn, which saves traffic and speeds better. Since you don't want the VPN gateway to be the default gateway, you need to copy the
copy code
code in the server's configuration file as follows: push "redirect-gateway def1" is removed. After the connection is successful, it is equivalent to win 2003 with two network cards, as long as you set up some static routes in Win 2003 & ldquo; routing and remote access. As for which IP to add, I did this, ping the IP of the common website (such as twitter, youtube, etc., add C or B to VPN), as shown below: Now, Connected to this win 2003 through vpn, you can be blocked by the vpn, without blocking the direct connection to the local connection ~ 吼吼. Another point to note is that the IP of the gateway is the last IP of the IP assigned by your machine. The IP assigned by my machine is, and the IP of the gateway is If this is wrong, it will not become a bird. . . In fact, win xp can also be set, but only use the command line.
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