Illustrate the specific steps of configuring the VPN server for WIN Server 2003.


The VPN client uses VPN to connect to the VPN server connected to the Internet. The VPN server answers the authentication VPN client identity and transfers data between the VPN client and the internal network. Compared to a dial-up network, a VPN is a logical connection established between a VPN client and a VPN server over a public network. To further ensure the security of the data, the data transmitted on the network must be encrypted.

Specific Steps
Click on the Start menu and select All Programs - Administrative Tools - Select & Routing; Routing & Remote Access. As shown in the figure:

Open the <Route and Remote Access> interface, right click and select <Configure and Enable Routing and Remote Access> as shown in the figure:

Eject the server Installation wizard, select <Next>, as shown in the figure:

Select the local connection used to make the internal network card. My setting here is local connection 2 is the internal network card. As shown in the figure:

Here you can select <Automatic> or you can select <from a specified address range>, as shown in the figure:

This step is to set the authentication for access. Figure:

Click Next and click Finish. Figure:

Installation is complete. Figure:

Test VPN connection:

Right-click <My Computer> Select <Manage>---<Local Users & Groups>, select <user >, New <New User>, I built a <VPN> user in advance. Figure:

Select <VPN> right-click on the property and set the dial-in permissions. Figure:

Create a link on the XP client

Select a network to connect to my workplace. Figure:

This is the <company name> can be filled out casually. The host name can be filled in with the IP address of the internal network card in your server. As shown in the figure:

Click the connection, enter the user name and password, as shown in the figure:

indicates that the connection has been established and the VPN is successfully established.


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