Windows 2008 periodically changes the password policy to close the method


Windows Server 2008 defaults to require regular password changes. This feature is sometimes annoying, and can be considered closed if appropriate.

The method is as follows:

1, press the windows key +R (or start the point---moving) to open the running window, enter gpmc.msc and press Enter, pop-up > Group Policy Management Console> Window

2. In the tree table on the left, click “Group Policy Object” ”——>Find“default domain policy”, click the right mouse button and select “ Edit ”, open the "Group Policy Management Editor" window, expand the menu as shown below:

There is a corresponding password policy here, you can change it according to your own requirements. It is not recommended to disable all.

3. Open “Run”, enter “cmd” and press Enter to open the dos window and enter ”gpupdate /force” to force the update policy.

4. The password policy has been set successfully.

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