Windows Server 2008 makes a password reset disk


The use of the operating system is always necessary to set a password for the user. In order to ensure security, the password is generally required to meet the complexity requirements. Due to memory problems, sometimes we forget the user password and cannot enter the system.

Windows Server 2008 provides a password reset disk function, which can be used to create a floppy disk to reset the user password after forgetting the password.

After the system is installed, Windows 2008 will ask us to enter an initial password for the administrator. Below the password box, there is a link to "Create a password reset disk". Click to start creating a password reset disk.

In addition to creating a password reset disk when the system is installed, we can also create it when other needs are needed: open the "user account" in the "Control Panel" Select "Create password reset disk" in the task bar on the left.

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