Windows Vista Nine Acceleration Tips

I believe that there are a lot of users who are using Windows Vista, but there are not many accelerated tutorials like XP in the past. Just found a Speed ​​Up Windows Vista, which is summarized as follows:
1, update your hardware driver
such as graphics card, motherboard display chip and so on. This is very important, because starting my own vista does not support the Aero theme, after updating the motherboard display chip. So check to see if your hardware has driver updates.
2, cancel the Windows part of the program
Open the control panel, select the uninstall program, click on the left side of the list to open or close the Windows function, then clear unnecessary function options, the mouse will go up when there will be a function prompt.
I left only: XPS Viewer, Removable Storage Management, Remote Differential Compression. After the setup is complete, you need to restart. First cancel the following steps and say.
3, close some services
enter services.msc in the start menu to open the service list, for each service you can choose the right button, the property in the startup type settings automatically run or manually and disabled. The original author recommends closing:
Computer Browser
Distributed Link Tracking Client
IKE and AuthIP IP Keying Modules
Offline Files
Remote Registry
Tablet PC Input Service (unless you're using a Tablet PC)
Windows Error Reporting
4. Turn off the autorun program
Enter msconfig in the start menu and select Enable, which is a list of programs that run automatically with the computer. I only checked Windows Defender and sound card programs (4.1 sound card does not open only two channels, driver bugs). Other recommendations do not load, some people have to choose QQ, MSN, Skype. . .
5, close the system tray program
In addition to the random start of the program, some programs are added to the icon in the system tray, and a considerable part has no use, such as network connection, QuickTime icons, etc., can be in the previous step It is removed, and here you can also right-click on the options to not run automatically, or not.
6. Use ReadyBoost
If you have a large-capacity USB flash memory, insert it in the right-click property and use it as virtual memory, much faster than the virtual memory of the hard disk. Toshiba has a new 16G, and I am happy to get it. But if you have that money, you might as well buy the memory directly.
7. Accelerating system interface
Vista's advertising WOW is to show off how gorgeous it is, but the price is high configuration and high system consumption. Turning off some effects will speed up a lot. Right-click on Personalization, uncheck "Enable Transparency" in Windows Color and Appearance, or simply replace Aero as Vista Basic or Standard. The Sidebar is off, it's useless. Right-click on the computer, select Properties, click on "Advanced System Settings" on the left, "Advanced", "Settings", "Visual Effects" in this one can be closed, and it will be unsightly to open again.
8, advanced settings
If your motherboard and hard drive support SATA, then set the advanced effects in the properties of the drive, I did not. . .
update: Right click on the computer in the desktop or start menu, select "Device Manager" on the left, find the hard drive that supports SATA in the list disk drive, right click and select Properties, select "Proposal" in "Policy" Enable advanced performance, of course, the above "Enable Cache" is also selected.
Turn off Vista auto scan drive and warning when the capacity is too small: Back up the registry, then enter regedit, KEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Policies in the start menu, right click on the right to select the new item, the name is Explorer, Under it, right click to select the new "DWORD (32-bit) value", the name is NoLowDiskSpaceChecks, double-click to modify the value to "1".
The original text also has a registry setting, do not understand, please refer to the original.
9, finishing the disk
The author recommends using AusLogics to organize the hard disk, if you usually use the computer to copy and delete what is very frequent, it is still every few months to get it, very effective, with the home littering Things are the same, and for a long time, of course, it is slow to find it, so it should be sorted regularly.
If you have any more speed-up skills, please exchange more!

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