Let the old system change to a new installation WindowsXP use the taskbar of Windows7

Windows 7 is Microsoft's latest operating system, and market penetration is steadily rising. As a brand new operating system, Windows 7's new interface looks very beautiful, especially its new taskbar, it looks really great, attracting a large number of windows xp users. Especially those old The computer configuration is very low, I can't use Windows 7, I am eager to put on a new installation. Is there any way for the old system to use the beautiful taskbar of Windows 7?
The taskbar of Windows 7 is indeed revolutionary. Change, relative to XP's taskbar, Windows 7's taskbar is undoubtedly more beautiful. Windows 7's new interface looks very beautiful, especially its new taskbar, it is more beautiful. Now, some netizens have developed special software for XP users like you. After installation, XP can also use the Windows 7 toolbar.
Recommended Software: ViGlance
Software: Freeware
ViGlance is a compact green software with only 250KB Size, you can run it directly after downloading. The runtime software will be displayed in the system tray area, and your XP taskbar will become a square button similar to Windows 7, and similar windows will be automatically grouped together, and the mouse will be placed on the button. A thumbnail will appear. Exam Forum
You can right click on ViGlance in the system tray area, select “ldquo;Options” in the pop-up menu, and make basic settings for the software, including whether to activate the taskbar transparency function, whether to enable the thumbnail function. And whether it starts with Windows, etc.
If you want to restore XP's default taskbar, just right click on ViGlance, then select “Exit”, you can quit the software, and the taskbar will immediately restore the XP default effect.
Of course, the simulation is ultimately simulated, the software can not fully achieve the cool effect of Windows 7, and it does not have transparency. But looking at the software's small "body" & rdquo; and lower system resources (only 10MB of memory), while also able to experience the Windows 7 taskbar effect under XP, it is good.
win7's interface is very beautiful, do you want to use it? Then quickly change your old system to a new one, try it

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