How to speed up your WinXP search function smart way

Since the launch of Microsoft's Windows Vista system, its advantages have never been heard, one of the major improvements that have been repeatedly mentioned is the quick search function of Windows Vista, used Vista friends certainly have a deep understanding of this, no matter where, the search box follows you, after entering a part of the keyword, the search results may have been displayed in advance.
However, for those friends who have not yet upgraded to Vista, why don't you want to speed up the Windows XP search function? After all, this is the most practical thing for you. Let's talk to you about how to optimize the search speed of Windows XP Search Assistant.
The content that you often search for is generally some of your own documents. If you store them regularly in the same place, such as my documents, then when you want to search for one of the files, you can greatly improve The speed of the search.
After calling up the search assistant, click on “All files and folders", then select “My Documents> in the drop-down list box in the "Find here" box, then enter you in the Keywords section. Keyword, click on the search to quickly find the content you need.
If you want to search for documents that exist in the root directory, you can still speed up the search process by removing the system directory from the search.
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