Expert tips for some common problems with Win XP SP3

In the 3 years since the release of Windows XP SP2, patches for more than 100 operating systems have been released, and users have been restarting several times after installing these, which is very troublesome. XP SP3 will combine these patches into a single package and will also provide some new features. Some of these new features are new features that were added for the first time in Windows Vista. Here are some common questions about Windows XP Service Pack 3.
Q: What is Service Pack 3?
A: Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) is the last service pack for Windows XP. It includes many of the patches and enhancements that were released before, and includes several new features.
Q: Does SP3 contain all the contents of SP1 and SP2? Or, must SP1 and SP2 be installed before installing SP3?
A: XP SP3 already contains all the previous patches, so There is no need to have SP1 and SP2 installed first. And SP3 has also included all of their updates, so the SP3 installation does not require any patches or service packs to be installed before, and all versions of Windows XP are applicable.
Q: Windows XP SP2 has been released for 3 years, why is SP3 released so late?
A: Microsoft has more than 77,000 employees worldwide, with $50 billion a year. A huge enterprise with revenue, but due to the organization of the system, there is a certain difference in the development manpower invested in the product. For example, when starting a mainstream operating system, a huge team of developers, product managers, and program management personnel participated in the development. After the operating system was released, Microsoft transferred the product to the support team. , they develop patches or service packs. Others also have development teams that update the program through a very late patch (some non-periodic patches that are released when a serious problem occurs) via the Web. Finally, in order to develop the next mainstream operating system, it will be reorganized or newly formed a development team to restart the process described above. However, at the time, in order to complete the development of Windows XP SP2, XP's subsequent operating system, Windows Vista, was once suspended for development to give way to XP SP2. So XP SP2 (usually the service pack is provided as a free update) becomes a major operating system-level update package, and is also involved in product development outside of Microsoft's support department. XP SP2 is also the first service pack to be intervened by departments outside the product support department. After XP SP2 was completed, most of the developers who participated in the program moved to other development plans, and more of them were transferred to Vista or Windows Server 2008 development plans. The Windows XP SP3 program was also due to Microsoft's idle employees completing the final job of Windows Vista. At the time, the development progress of Windows Vista has been postponed for many years. Therefore, they turned their attention to the forgotten XP next-generation service pack earlier this year.

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