Modify the registry to retrieve the empty files in the recycle bin


Sometimes, because of carelessness or annoyance, files that are useful or useful are deleted, and the recycle bin is emptied (or deleted directly without being placed in the recycle bin). How to do? Don't worry, as long as your computer is not running defragmentation and the system is in good condition, the files can be retrieved at any time. The method is very simple:

1, click "Start/Run", type regedit to open the registry

2, and then expand: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHIME/SOFTWARE/microsoft/WINDOWS/CURRENTVERSION/EXPLORER/DESKTOP/NemeSpace Click “New” in the left margin, select “Primary Key”, name it “645FFO40—5081—101B—9F08—00AA002F954E”, and then set the key value of “Default” primary key on the right to “Recycle Bin” to exit the registry. .

3, restart the computer to see the files you deleted.

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