How to deal with the monitor after WinXP starts?


Recently, some WinXP users found that after starting their own computer, the monitor has no signal, and when starting, you can see the startup progress bar, and after the startup, the host runs normally and the hard disk light flashes. Today Xiaobian tells everyone how to solve this problem.

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1. Check if the monitor refresh rate is too high because the lead monitor does not work.

Restart the system and press F8 to see if you can enter safe mode. If you can enter, please set the refresh rate of the monitor to a lower level:

Right click on the desktop and select “Properties” In the Open Settings window, select the "Settings" tab, click the "Advanced" button, select the "Monitor" tab, and set the refresh rate to 60 or lower.

2. If the system is still not working properly after restarting the system, please check the system for viruses. Some viruses will cause such problems after infecting the system.

3. In addition, please try to re-plug the memory card and the card device. Sometimes the hardware will be loose due to various hardware failures.

The above is the solution after the WinXP computer starts, there is no signal on the display. If you have any problems with this problem, you can try to fix these methods introduced by Xiaobian.

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