XP system computer remote desktop connection is not how to do

1. Right-click "My Computer" and click on "Properties". In the above line menu, select the "Remote" button to see "Allow users to connect to this computer remotely." ” There is no tick in front of this option.
2, right click on "My Computer", click "Manage" & rdquo;, enter the computer management dialog box, click "Services and Applications", then press "ldquo; Service" to view Terminal Whether the Services service is started, if the service is disabled, it is changed to “manual”, and then the service is started.
3, through the netstat -na command to see if port 3389 is started, there is no open, check that the port does not start, guess may be the service is not up.
4, from the Window Server2008 this computer and then remote desktop connection to this XP system computer.
Note: The remote desktop is connected to the XP machine. The XP machine must have a password. If not, you must set the password for the user of the machine.

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