How to set the mouse tailing effect of Win7 system?


Recently, many users are reporting that when using the computer, they found that the mouse has a tailing phenomenon. At first, it was thought that the mouse had failed, so the mouse was replaced and there was still a tailing phenomenon. Many users wanted to set the mouse tailing effect. But I don't know how to set it up? The following small series introduces you how to set the mouse tail effect.

Operation steps:

1. First, open the control panel (can be opened in the start menu, or open the run window by pressing Win+r, enter control.exe and press Enter to adjust a control panel), and a large icon for the mouse mode option is turned on, as shown in FIG:

2, the properties window, the mouse, the pointer is switched to the option, as shown in FIG:

3, the displayed pointer trails the visibility check up bar option, and save it is determined, as shown in FIG:

the above is to introduce small series Set the operation method of the mouse tail effect. If you want to cancel this effect after using it for a while, then cancel the “Show pointer track” setting according to the same operation above.

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