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WindowsNT installation parameters - you do you know?
2000/11/30 17:18 China Computer Education News CCE

Everyone knows that the way to install Windows NT is to type winnt /b in the i386 directory of the installation CD, but what does the /b parameter mean? What parameters can NT load when it is installed?

According to NT's original documentation, there are three ways to install Windows NT Server 4.0: floppy disk installation, CD installation, and network installation. Floppy disk installation refers to the installation of a floppy disk drive one by one using 23 floppy disks, which is rarely used now. CD installation requires first typing the Winnt command under DOS to create three boot floppy disks, then execute the installer on the three floppy disks and go to the CD to continue the installation. By configuring Winnt parameters, you can also set up to do not need a floppy disk, but directly complete all installation work directly from the CD or network shared folder.

Use the winnt /? command to view all the installation parameters and their meanings:


Specify the location where the installation files should be stored, which must be in the form of an absolute path, such as x:\\[path ] or \\\\server\\share[\\path], which defaults to the current directory.


Specifies the drive where temporary files are stored during installation. If not specified, the installer will automatically select (usually the current disk, if the space is not enough, choose the next drive letter).


Specifies the installation information file (without path). The default is dosnet.inf.

/OX Creates the boot disk required for CD-ROM installation.

/X Does not create an installation boot disk.

/F Does not verify files copied to a floppy disk.

/C The remaining space check is not performed when the NT emergency repair disk is created.

/B Specifies no floppy disk installation (no need to make three boot floppy disks)

/U Unattended automatic installation (requires description file)

/E Specifies the GUI settings are completed (usually NT at this time) Installed), a command or program that needs to be run.

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