Installing NT/2000

on IBM Netfinity

First, let's talk about the installation related issues of the operating system (WINDOWS 2000 and WINDOWS NT4.0). 1. Under the CD of WINDOWS 2000, there is a folder called bootdisk. In the command line mode, type makeboot a:. You can make 4 boot disk floppy disks in turn (remember to label). In the WINDOWS NT4.0 CD-ROM, execute the "winnt/ox" command in the I386 directory, and then you can make 3 boot disk floppy disks in turn; 2. Although WINDOWS 2000 supports most of the hardware devices currently in use, if it is If you upgrade from WINDOWS NT4.0, you must back up the registry. If the upgrade is unsuccessful, you can restore it. Also remember to turn off the monitoring software such as firewall. 3. It is recommended that if you have installed other operating systems, Do not use the WINDOWS95/98 system disk to delete the partition, because the deletion may cause the hard disk information to generate errors, resulting in the installation failure. When installing WIN2000 prompts to create/delete partitions, select D delete, L confirm;

4, I have used IBM's navigation disk (ServerGuide) to choose to install WIN2000, the first time after the server prompts "NTLDR is missing", stopped there and did not move, then stupid, began to recall Is it wrong? Suddenly I thought: It won't be that the boot partition is not activated. Holding the attitude of trying, I found a WIN98 disk, executed the FDISK command, and saw that it did not activate, haha, activated it, after a long wait (the server started is too long), OK, got up. 5, after using IBM's navigation disk to install the operating system, I found that there are a lot of Chinese display is not correct, but when I use the navigation disk to select the version, is the selected simplified Chinese, why? Oh, remember, when I first inserted the WIN2000 server version CD, it prompted me that the language version was wrong. I ignored it. It must be a problem there. Ok, this IBM, I simply don't need its navigation pad, directly installed, huh, huh, but still need to go to the navigation disk to do a RAID card driver floppy disk (floppy disk quality must be good), otherwise it will prompt to find Hard disk, and then use the four boot disk I made to start, be sure to remember to press the F6 key when the system initially starts searching for hardware, specify the driver (that is, the RAID card driver just made), then everything is OK 6; I have also encountered several IBM-Netfinity servers (5500, 7000 series), installed WIN2000 operating system. Random, sometimes can be started, keyboard and mouse do not work; sometimes found a black screen phenomenon, the server can not start. Later, after an occasional start, I immediately patched (Microsoft's SP2), huh, huh, everything is normal; 7, finally remind everyone, after the normal installation of the operating system, must make an emergency repair disk in time, in the system patch The floppy disk should be updated in time.

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