WIN NT installation experience three]


Win NT is an operating system for workstations, web servers, and mainframe computers. Although Win NT 4.0 has a strong function, there are also many "defects". I will write some experience in the process of installation and use of Win NT4.0, hoping to help readers and friends.

? Hard disk installation Wi n N T? Install Win NT in Win 98 environment, there are two ways:

? 1, start with DOS6.22 system floppy disk, then install Win NT . Make four 3.5-inch high-density floppy disks, respectively, "Win NT installation disk #1", "WinNT installation disk #2", "WinNT installation disk #3", " Win NT emergency repair disk” Insert a disk according to the prompts during installation and read the necessary information. Otherwise, the installation will not proceed.

? 2, start Win 98, and then install Win NT under Win 98. ? With this method, no prompts appear during the installation process, and the system automatically completes the installation, which greatly shortens the installation time. Of course, "Win NT installation disk #1, #2, #3" and "Win NT emergency repair disk" have other uses. For example, when the NT system fails to boot, you need to use these four disks when you need to repair the Win NT system. Otherwise you can only reinstall Win NT. ? Hide usernames? To improve the security and reliability of the system, you can take the method of hiding the last login user name. The steps are as follows: • Select “Start/Programs/Administrative Tools/System Policy Editor”, click “File/Open Registry”, click “Edit/Properties”, in “Properties” dialog In the box, click "Win NT System/Login", select “Do not display the last logged in username”.

?Network software configuration? Select “ primary domain server & rdquo; domain name is "Domain". Click the Network icon in the Control Panel, click the “Add” button in the "Network" dialog box, select the "Customers" item, and add “Microsoft Network User”. Click the “Add” button to select the "Agreement" item and add “NetBEUI”. Select “Network” in the dialog box to have the following network components installed, “Microsoft Network User" in the list box, then click the <;Properties" button to select “Log in to the Win NT domain. ”, enter “Domain” in the Win NT domain and select “Quick Login”. Create a new user with the Domain User Manager on the NT server. To restart the Win 98 workstation, enter the “username” in the “Login ID” column to connect the workstation to the server. (Shandong Kongbo Jianghua)

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