Win7 system can not shut down the solution

1. Click the Start menu in the lower left corner of the Win7 system desktop, pop up the menu bar, find the "Run" option in it, and click it.

2, in the Run dialog box that pops up, enter "gpedit.msc", then click "OK."

3, pop-up "Local Group Policy Editor" page, double-click on the right side of the page "Computer Configuration."

4, page jump, select "Administrative Templates" and double-click it, as shown below.

5, page jump, double-click the "System" option.

6, find the "shutdown option" on this page, and double-click it.

7, double-click the "Off prevent or cancel the shutdown of the application of automatic termination function"

8, the dialog box, select the "Enabled", and then click OK on it It is. This way, when you encounter an unclosed program, the Windows 7 system will automatically terminate, which will make the shutdown faster.

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