Where is the Win7 system defragmentation? How to open disk cleanup?


Disk defragmentation is an operation that we often use when operating a computer. Disk defragmentation is to clean up the junk files of the disk and organize the disk defragment files to achieve more disk space and faster disk speed. Now most people are using Win7 system, where is the disk cleaning of Win7 system? How to clean up the disk fragment? Now let's take a look at Win7 disk cleaning and defragmentation.

The specific steps are as follows:

1. Open the resource manager, right click on the local disk (C) and select Properties.

2. Select General in the pop-up local disk properties and click Disk Cleanup.

3. Check the files you want to clean and click OK.

4. If you really want to delete these files, click Delete.

5, disk cleaning starts running.

6. After the disk cleanup is complete, we click on the Tools tab in the local disk properties and click to defragment immediately.

7. In the Open Disk Defragmenter window, select the disk to be defragmented, you can analyze the disk first, or you can click to defragment the disk.

8, see the program automatically analyze the disk, and then organize.

9, if you want to regularly defragment the disk you can click on the configuration plan, set the time to run the disk defragmentation. (However, don't prohibit the system's disk fragmentation task when optimizing the boot time.) This scheduled task starts up.)

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