How does the win7 system computer add space for the C drive?


How does the win7 system computer add space to the C drive?

1. First, let's go back to the computer desktop interface, then right click on the computer icon and select Manage.

2. In the open computer management interface, let's click on the storage-disk management on the left, so that we can see the current disk space status.

3. Let's find the C drive, then right click, let's see if the extended volume option here is usable. If you can use it, we can directly enter and expand the space of the C drive, if not If you use it, we can delete one disk other than the C drive, and pay attention to backing up the contents before deleting. After deleting, we right click on the C drive again and find that the extended volume option is available.

4. After entering the extended volume, we can also set the increased size. After setting it, click directly to the next step.

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