Win8 system cf initialization failure how to solve?


cf is very popular among players, but it has to be updated all the time. After each update, there are many users who have failed to initialize the client. What is going on? There are many reasons for cf initialization failure, so how to solve this problem? The following small series for everyone to introduce the Win8 system cf initialization failure solution.

You can try the following two methods, if not, then use the tutorial other methods:

1, update the security software version, or uninstall the security software and then re-download and install.

2. If the above method is invalid, there is still a pop-up window. It is recommended to shield the anti-virus software or manually add the driver to the whitelist.

Specific steps:

First, the virtual memory is too low

1, first right click on my computer on the desktop, select “ attribute & rdquo;, as shown below:

2, open computer properties, left click & ldquo; & rdquo ;, advanced system settings as shown below:

3, the pop-up page of advanced , click in the box performance & ldquo; & rdquo ;, provided as shown below:

4, in the open window, switch to the advanced tab, click on the bottom of the & ldquo; change & rdquo; button, as shown below:

5, then & ldquo; automatically manages all drives paging file size & rdquo; front hook point out, select the following custom size, set the initial value & ldquo; 2046 & rdquo; the maximum value is & ldquo; click OK 4092 & rdquo ;,, as shown below:

II update DX

there are many games open because of the lack of documents or DX Reporting error, CF is no exception, this time to update DX, there are many ways to update, you can download it, here I say, everyone can find their own Baidu.

Third, the installation (missing) runtime library

There are still some parts due to the lack or installation of the runtime library, the game fails to run, the following picture is the runtime library on my own computer, you can yourself go download.

Fourth, the game itself is wrong

The last is a method we used to delete the client re-under, and the game itself is wrong, after unloading, mounted on the other It's ok on the disk.

The above is the solution for Win32 system cf initialization failure introduced by Xiaobian. If the user encounters the problem of "Win8 system cf initialization failure" in Win8 system, try the above steps. Let's go and try it out.

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