Take you to explore the new features of Windows 2008 system


Compared with windows 2000/2003 system and vista, windows 2008 system has been further updated, both in the user interface and in the operation function, have to see a new change, let Users experience safer, more flexible, and more reliable operations. Let the master take you to explore the new features under the Windows 2008 system.

1. installation process more user-friendly

Windows Server 2008 installation process, the user interface is very friendly; the basic installation process is completed in a graphical user interface (GUI) environment And will handle most of the initialization work for you. For example, when I install Windows Server 2008, the installation wizard will ask me if I have a product key. After I enter the correct product key, the follow-up work will be completed without interruption. No further questions will be asked. . The whole process takes about 35 minutes, and I don't need to put too much effort into it, basically enabling unattended installation.

The Windows Server 2008 installation process prompts me to enter the only information that is the product's key, which makes me curious: How does it know what system settings I need? For example, do I want to configure network connection, or if I want to get time zone correction. However, I don't think much about this issue. I think Windows xp installation takes too long and requires the user to stare at it at all times, so this will be a very popular change for users.

2. More powerful server management console

The first appearance of the Server Manager feature is in Windows Server 2000. However, this feature is not as useful as you might think. However, this phenomenon is likely to disappear because of the new Server Management Console for Windows Server 2008. In addition to allowing administrators to add server roles and configure server details, the new server management console allows Configure time and time zone, set up Windows Update (Windows Update), and other issues that pop up during past installations. This easy-to-use management console reduces the time it takes to manually install the system and presents you with a clear server configuration interface that you can modify and edit to suit your needs and preferences.

3. Network Access Protection (NAP)

Windows Server 2008 includes a network access protection system called NAP (Network Access PRotection), which enables a company's personal computer to complete a series of Managed tests and tasks, otherwise you can't connect to the network.

Network Access Protection requires that the antivirus signature of the accessing computer must be up to date, all operating system updates have been installed and the firewall is enabled. This means that network administrators can be assured of computers that are already connected to the network because their "health" is very good.

If a computer does not access the authentication rules over the network, NAP will automatically isolate the computer from the network until all updates and patches are installed. This means that if the user does not update the computer's patch package, it is likely that it will not be able to access any servers.

Obviously, NAP is a powerful tool because it can also effectively protect your server from the ravages of network viruses. At the same time, it also allows you to easily determine the health of the server and restrict the laptops that visitors carry with them to the company intranet. NAP can meet the needs of small companies with only 10 people, as well as large enterprise users with 10,000 people. Previous123Next page Total 3 pages

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