Isn't it a recycling station Is it so difficult to empty?


As a service system, win2008 can be said to be a relatively stable and mature system, but there is also a imperfect system in the perfect system. When there is an error, this is not the system recycle bin icon is full, but it is indeed empty. If you want to empty the recycle bin, what's wrong with it?

Cause analysis:

This phenomenon occurs, and most of the Windows Server 2008 system disk partitions have obvious errors or There is a bad track on the hard disk.

Problem Solving:

First, double-click the “Computer” icon in the Windows Server 2008 system desktop, and click the “Tools” folder in the following window. Option ” command, click the “View” tab in the pop-up folder option settings dialog box, and select the "Show hidden files and folders" option in the corresponding tab settings page, and deselect “ Hide protected operating system files & rdquo; option is selected (as shown), then click the corresponding interface & ldquo; determining & rdquo; folder option button to complete the setting operation;

Next Open the "Start" menu of the Windows Server 2008 system, click on the "Programs" and then click the "Options" option and right-click on the option to pop up the shortcut from the pop-up menu. In the menu, execute the “Run as administrator” command to open the DOS command line work window of the corresponding system;

Enter the string life in the DOS command line state. Let “cd\\”, click the Enter key, then execute the string command “chkdsk /f”, then check the volume after reboot, continue to execute the string command "attrib c:\ ecycled - s -r -h”; Similarly, we will remove the Recycle Bin folder system attribute under several other system disk partitions;

Next, use the Winrar professional tool to pass the powerful file of the tool. Management function, in turn open the recycle bin folder under each system disk partition, and then delete the files below the corresponding folder, if we find that some files still can not be deleted normally, you can consider using Windows Server 2008 system comes with The disk defragmentation tool performs a sort of operation on the corresponding disk partition, and finally restarts the corresponding system.

The Recycle Bin is a place to contain all kinds of system waste. As long as we don't want it, we can put it inside. When it is full, we can empty one of them, but once the recycle bin has a problem, we It is very difficult to restore or empty the deleted files. If you have a similar problem, you can refer to this solution.

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