Windows2008R2 changes the desktop icon has a coup


I believe that friends who have installed Windows2008R2 will find such a problem, that is, we have no way to change the desktop icon through the usual steps, what should we do? Usually we can personalize Change the desktop icon in the configuration to choose to display those special Windows desktop icons, such as: "computer" folder, personal folder, "network" and so on. But now we face the solitary "recycle bin" of the desktop, we are helpless! Does Windows Server 2008 R2 not support the display of desktop icons?

Xiaobian found the system help and found some clues! Help, execute "Click to open "Personalize&"" This action, prompt "This version of Windows does not provide personalization features",God! Also install the "desktop experience in order to modify the desktop icon "No? This joke is big!

In fact, before looking for help documentation, gOxiA has found the setup program to start "change desktop icon", remember the Windows Start menu from Windows Vista What's the change? OK, now click on Windows Server 2008 R2 "Start" Look!

I remember that some of the logs I wrote earlier have mentioned "search programs and files" ; function, this is a powerful feature, enter the keywords or sentences you want to know or get here, the built-in Windows Search will give you relevant results, quite abundance And it's also very accurate!

Now we type in the information we want to search in "search programs and files", "change desktop icon" in "icon" is a keyword, If you are an English system, you can type "icon", then see what happens!

"Search programs and files" find information about icons, where "show or hide the desktop The generic icon on the " is the result we are looking for, click on it. You can start the "Change desktop icon" setup program! We can display these icons on the desktop as needed!

We need to use "search programs and files" more flexibly in the future. This function, the reason why the "running" function is removed from the start menu, still has some truth and basis!

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