Microsoft created Win10 handwriting experience, added "remote stylus" support


Computer Store News: Microsoft seems to have been obsessed with creating a handwriting experience for Win10. Microsoft first equipped the Surface with a stylus, and in Win10 added handwriting support for the Edge browser. Now Microsoft has introduced the "pen remoting" feature for Windows 10.

The concept is actually very simple, "remote handwriting" can be written on a remote desktop, as a collaboration tool, or a creative input method is quite interesting, of course Very useful. Microsoft has provided this feature for Windows internal participants. Microsoft said in the Remote Desktop Services blog:

<> In Win10, the status of the stylus is comparable to that of mouse, keyboard, and touch. This means that when operating a remote desktop, the stylus will also be able to get the same operating experience on the local client. And this does not require additional configuration operations, as long as your local computer is running Win10 and has a stylus, you can connect to a remote computer that also runs Win10 and write on the remote desktop via the stylus. ”

Microsoft will continue to improve the Windows 10 handwriting experience and hopes to introduce more of these features.

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