Solution for Vista scroll bar crash



Vista system crashes when it starts to scroll bar, scroll bar can not enter the system continuously, you can enter repeatedly.

Question Analysis:

Due to a Microsoft Vista system design vulnerability.


1. Right click on "Computer" and select "Manage". In the management window, click on "Device Manager".

2. In the Device Manager, click "View" and select "Show hidden devices". Figure 1 shows the hidden device shown:

Figure 1: Show hidden devices

3. Click on "Network Adapter" and put all "6TO4 Adapter" And the device that starts with "isatap.{...}" is deleted (right click on the device, select Uninstall), as shown in Figure 2 Network Adapter:

Figure 2: Network Adapter

4. Close the Device Manager. Click "Start" à "Control Panel" à "Network and Internet" à "Open Network and Sharing Center"

5. In the "Network and Sharing Center" interface, click "Manage Network Connections".

6. In the "Network Connections" window, right click on "Local Area Connection". Select "Properties".

7. In the "Local Area Connection Properties" window, deselect "Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)" and click the "OK" button. As shown in Figure 3 local connection:

Figure 3: Local connection

Note: If the user's computer can not start normally, you need to bring the user to start clicking F8. Then select the network security mode, after entering, the operation method, the same as above. After the operation is completed, let the user restart the computer to resume normal use.

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