Restore the upgraded Vista driver to the original version


This is mainly for the hardware driver upgrade, the device can not be used. So we will uninstall the newly upgraded driver!

Tip: This operation must be run as an administrator, otherwise it cannot be executed.

1) Start typing "Device Manager" in the search, then click to open Device Manager.

Next, deep will use the newly upgraded keyboard driver as an example.

2) We double-click the keyboard option in the "Device Manager" to expand it, then double-click the "Keyboard Icon".

The screenshot "Figure 1" is as follows:

In our double click on the driver to be restored.

3) We can see the version of the driver, the date the program was updated.

4) Then we select "will roll the driver", the system pops up the prompt as follows:

Screenshot "Figure 2" is as follows:

5) want to uninstall "Yes" does not want "no". As long as this is the case, the program can be returned to the original, and I have not explained it.

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